How to submit a competition PDI

Projected Digital Image (PDI)

Submitting PDI entries for internal competitions.

The following is an outline of the procedure for saving and submitting entries to Dave Ward for internal PDI competitions. If anything is still not clear please see Pete Garnett with your queries.

Projected images are digital files (format JPEG) which contain a photograph (i.e. an unprinted image).

1. Members may submit up to 3 images in each section, General Colour, Nature and Monochrome.
2. Make sure the image color settings your file is in sRGB colour space, even for monochrome images. This is in order to obtain predictable colours from our projector.
3. Resize image to a max of 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high (these are the maximum dimensions in each direction), this includes any key line or border your image may have. Do not make borders or key lines too wide. Photoshop guidance notes on borders appear below.
Note that if a square format is used, the maximum size will be 1050 x 1050 pixels.
4. Save the image as a .jpg, quality max (12) no compression.
The filename should be the sequence number that you want the entries to be viewed in, either 1, 2 or 3, followed by a space then the name of the image,
e.g. 1 red roses
Do not add a full stop “.” or .jpg as your software will add this if you select save as and choose .jpg.
The software we use for projection will reject the images if the filename is in the wrong format.
Images must not contain layers, they must be flattened prior to submission
The image itself must not display the title or author name and DO NOT add your name. The competition secretary will get your name from the e mail or from the folder name if sent on a CD or USB stick.
5. Save colour, nature and mono images into separate folders.
6. To submit the images copy the folders either onto a cd or usb memory stick. Label whichever you use with your name.
7. You can also, of course, e-mail them to Dave Ward Due to the size of the files, you may have to zip each folder up to attach them to your email.
8. You will receive your cd or usb stick back the week of the competition. Dave will normally confirm receipt of your e-mailed entry or request changes for incorrect entries.

Remember, the handing in deadlines for the PDI entries. We normally allow a few days for late entries but sometimes no latitude can be given for handing in. On those occasions, anything submitted after that date will not be entered.

The submitted entries will be retained by the Society for one year so as to create a pool of entries from which to select possible BPS Exhibition entries.

Photoshop – Adding a Keyline to PDI submissions
How to make black or other coloured borders for projection

Final output needs to be 1400 wide x 1050 high (pixels)

Photoshop menus
Suggest you save to 1400 x 1050 maximum before this.

Image/canvas size
If you tick ‘Relative’ the you can simply enter double the pixel size for your border/keyline.
Leave the ‘Anchor’ in the centre
The bottom ‘canvass extension color’ can be selected, suggest either White or Grey as the background on screen will be black
Click OK


In the ‘New Size’ box, change to pixels
Add double the number of pixels for your border/keyline The image box at the top should not change.
The bottom ‘canvass extension color’ cab be selected, suggest either White or Grey as the background on screen will be black
Click OK.

Select ‘Save as’ and choose quality 12.

You will need to resize the image to 1400 x 1050 maximum after this.