The 2014/2015 Novices class

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the beginners camera course – I have been on a couple of day beginners courses, but found it all too much to take in, in one go.  So for me it was much better learning a little each week – and now I can’t wait to put into practice all what you have taught me.  It’s certainly been fun and great to meet other people with the same interest.  Roll on the next course”.
(November 2014)

Hi Pete,
I am one of the newbies and very much enjoying my Tuesday evenings. I bravely entered a few shots for the competition last week, more for experience than any remote chance of getting anywhere. Everyone is very friendly and I feel at home but with much to learn.
I look forward to meeting you too next Tuesday.
Warmest regards,
Jan (October 2014)

Members’/Technical Evening with ‘High Speed Flash’ Still life with Mark Wilbrey & Matt Airey 13th November 2014

Excellent evening, really enjoying this season’s programme. Look forward to next week.
Kind regards
Julie (Nov 2014)

Just to add my gratitude too. John and I are really enjoying the support, information, advice and fun that we are getting through being members. l think the balance of practical and theory is just right and I really appreciate all the hard work that goes in to making BPS successful. Thank you all for the warm welcome this last few weeks.
Jan (Nov 2014)